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Ultimate Zero Waste Kitchen Brush Set


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Interested in beginning your journey toward zero waste living, but don't know where to begin? This zero waste kitchen brush set has all the plant-based home and kitchen cleaning tools that you need to get started! These brushes are made primarily from sisal, one of the strongest and most durable natural fibers that is resistant to bacteria, mildew, and oil.

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    • 1 Sisal Dish Brush
    • 2 Sisal Brush Refill Heads
    • 1 Sisal & Palm Pot Scrubber
    • 1 Brush Cleaner
    • 2 Grey Mystery Swedish Sponge Cloths
    • 1 Set of 5 Sisal Bottle Brushes
    About the Collection

    Zero Waste

    Good For Us All

    GoodMvmt is excited to offer a line of eco-friendly essentials that make it easy for you to do good by the planet. Because small changes lead to big impact!