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Stain Remover Block


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Our eco-friendly Stain Remover Bar works effectively at removing stains from clothes and a variety of other surfaces. This zero waste alternative to dissolve even the toughest stains like coffee, blood and grease! Simply apply the soap and let soak for 10-20 minutes to witness stubborn stains and oils on kitchen hoods, counters, car seats, carpets, walls, and fabrics disappear thanks to this biodegradable coconut oil soap enhanced with washing sodas.

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    • Simple ingredients: made from four simple plant-based ingredients
    • Eco-friendly and safe: no harsh chemicals, will not discolour clothes or fabrics
    • Works best with hot water
    • Do not consume


    • Coconut Oil (sodium cocoate) - creates hard soap bars with fluffy, stable lather
    • Washing Soda (sodium carbonate) - an alkaline medium, ideal to remove unwanted, insoluble stains
    • Water (aqua)
    • Lye* (sodium hydroxide) - an alkali that is required for soap making and is eliminated in the saponification process

    Care Tips

    • Place on a well-draining soap dish to keep it dry


    • Cut or scrape off a little of the bar and throw in with your regular wash to energize your laundry load
    • Clean your shoes or remove the dye transfer of your leather jacket or purse
    • Melt in hot water and spray or rub on surfaces (kitchen hood, carpets, car seats) to get rid of stains and grime
    • Removes mold from surfaces, especially in your fridge
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