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Sisal and Palm Pot Scrubber


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Our Sisal and Palm pot scrubber is the best sustainable option to replace traditional plastic or metal pot brushes. It's great for heavy-duty yet scratch-free cleaning like stuck-on food, heavy stains, burnt scraps, grease on cast iron pots.

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    • Sisal & palm fiber with bamboo handle
    • Ergonomic design

    Care Tips

    • Rinse with water after each use and air dry with the bristle facing down
    • Clean bristles (as needed) with vinegar to kill bacteria
    • Avoid soaking in water to prevent cracks
    • Avoid placing in dishwasher
    • Oil the brush handle to reduce the potential of cracking if you regularly submerge your dish brushes in water
    • To replace the brush head:
      • Use pillars to pinch the metal piece
      • Pull the brush head and the brush handle slowly in opposite directions to remove the old brush head
      • Slide on a new brush head until the metal piece is back to its original position to hold tight
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